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place. Hamlet in Australia reknowned for its drover-fueled wallaby husbandry activity and gravel piles strategically placed to block the views of the lamers sand-surfing. The abscence of any competitive sports teams makes it a codger's paradise.

Often compared unfavourably to Riker's Island by the Greater Brisbane Tourist Council, Eudlo is fast becoming a go-to destination for NASA and other groups looking to test vehicles on inhospitable ground.

"Beautiful plumage!" and other catch-phrases are often heard at the Eudlo and District Monty Python Festival every spring.

G'Day mate! Fancy a stride down Eudlo way tonight? We could toss some Fosters into the chunder wagon and melon a kangy. My esopho's drier than a gecko's armpit.

Struth! My shiela will do me an injury if we rattle the woomerra again!

by gnostic1 December 23, 2011
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The best town in Australia, only has a few bogans who are normaly pretty nice. Has no cop shop so smoke all the dope you like, madd skatepark with only one shop which is rather over priced but still good.
''OI brah lets hit up Eudlo for a skate'' ''sure thing, then go smoke bills in the shack.
by eudlo crab December 12, 2011
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