someone who has many odd obsessions. Possible consisting of longboards, black, jeeps, bikes, motorcycles, super smash bros., thermoses, bagels, guns, collared shirts, vans, his basement, lifting, mel, tents, and other weird obsessions. Although he has weird obsessions, but he's the kid everyone learns to love.
Ethier is one weird kid.
by ethierlover11 April 14, 2009
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The cooler, funnier, and overall better way to spell either. Only people with an IQ above 150 spell Ethier this way (it always has to be capitalized)
Ethier you spell Ethier Ethier or you suck
by Peeeepeepoopooweewee45 October 17, 2021
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I don't care if Matt Kemp is on first base, he's not scoring with an ethier at the plate.
by FForum July 13, 2011
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