Eternal yet ethereal. Hypothetically everlasting it is also fragile, delicate, intangible, beyond grasping, or some unconventional interpretation of eternity.
My love for you is ethernal. 1 week later I don't love you anymore, but we can forever share that I DID love you, and no one can ever take that away from us!
I will live for ethernity - all these atoms and energy will continue on past the termination of my consciousness.
by Zoidharg November 23, 2018
When you're using the first ethernet cabble ever made for modern day online games.
Yo, that guy really is a doom ethernal, look at his ping!
by loafboi March 29, 2020
Adjective for either:
●Something that continues on forever but can easily be stopped.
●Something thats eternal unless destroyed.
Vampires are ethernal.
They can live eternally through sucking blood of others,

but they can also be killed in no time through sun light or other ways.
by Humanoid Creature August 15, 2022