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Esrever is a language made up of simply reversing words in the English language that can be modified to fit any language. Esrever is simply the word REVERSE in reverse. It is a much more difficult way of communicating among friends than Pig Latin, or any other made up languages that actually state the word with things added on as a suffix or prefix. Esrever changes the entire word completely in reverse. There are no apostrophes in the origional of this language, you must speak every word by itself, but after awhile, as all other languages, you may adjust it as you wish. Also, pronounciation is an indefinate character. That is decision is left to the individuals speaking, just make sure that you and your friends are all on the same page when it comes to your in particular way of pronouncing words, so not to cause confusion.
An example of Esrever:

Friend 1: Tahw si pu?

Friend 2: Ton hcum, tahw tuoba uoy?

Friend 1: I ma ytterp doog. Nac ton nialpmoc.

Friend 2: Emosewa.
by 3\/13 September 18, 2006
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The reverse of the word reverse. Also refers to that state where you are so bored at work that you tend to make up dumb stuff like this.
Esrever is the reverse of the word reverse. And no, you can't use it in a sentence other than this.
by Sharkybyte April 01, 2008
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