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Gay motherfucking dickheads who think they are such hard cunts and seem to believe that they are top shit as far as Penrith and other suburban areas are concerned. They are also known as "eshays" or "lads". These people bum around shopping areas constantly as they have either a)got their dumb asses kicked out of school or b)left with no ambition of doing anything but trying to bum smokes off people out the front of Penrith Plaza. They can be distinguished through their complete and utter lack of intelligence and their "fully sick bro" tracksuits, normally Canterbury or Nautica.
These people live their lives under the strange illusion that they are the coolest and most original thing to ever hit the universe despite the fact most of their trends are based on previous generations.
They also do not realise that they are so unintelligent and ridiculous that they dropped out of school and will be living off centrelink for the rest of their lives.
Someone should inform them that getting pissed in random areas and being a total junkie retard is not cool.
Drugs dont make you "hard" or "cool". They make you weaker as far as I'm concerned.
To put it simply, they listen to shit music, wear shit clothes, are pussies when it comes to fights (I would snap them) and have total and utter disrespect for everyone and everything as they are so intellectually challenged they are incapable of even spelling the word "respect" to begin with.
They all deserve to die long, slow and painful deaths.
Eshlad: "ohhhwhat brroo? I'll snap you cunt"
Normal Person: "Mkay, let's go"
Eshlad: *Walking away* "Just you wait cunt, just you wait, I'll come back with 50 friends bro, you'll be fucked then brroo"
Normal Person: "I don't wanna wait man, fight me now"
"Eshlad *runs away and later tells friends that he "snapped" someone in a fight despite the fact he is obviously a weak pussy bastard and ran away and cried*
by -=Melinda=- March 12, 2008
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an underachiever in society, usually does not complete much further than tenth grade. dress code includes a striped, collered shirt, a white hat advertising some brand such as dada, ecko, nike or adidas, a small backpack is nessesary and of course every eshlad must be rocking a pair of nike TN's. local hangouts include train stations and tobacconists. almost every train in opperation will consist of at least 1 group of these junkies in training. spray cans are optional to complete the look. PIG LATIN IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE ACCEPTED!!!
eshlad: consists of the word lad, meaning boy and esh, being the pig latin word for sesh, meaning a sesion of smoking pot. scum of society are eshlads
by scott-ay2760 April 23, 2007
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Anaemic pubescent Caucasians from respectable middle class homes who affect toughness by the wearing of pastels and white caps and congregate in public to intimidate rival crews by insulting their choice of nautica polo shirt and casting aspersions on one another's sexual integrity.
Esh lad 1: "Let's go cruising bruz"

Esh lad 2: "Nah, man, everyone's already seen me in this" (gesturing to delicately pressed polo shirt).

Esh lad 1: "That's cool. We can go home and vicariously vanquish entire hoods on GTA vice city."
by Sssam January 19, 2007
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Fags walking around dressed in:
-horizontally striped shirts
-canterbury shorts or pants
-nike tn's
-nautica hats
-tiny backpack that would fit only a spray can..

They often use the words

And at the end of their words u will often find they add

skiez... (pronounced skeeze)


Look at that ladskiez over there.. taggin that train.. hez got sick az tn's.. whatta eshlad, eshayez.. aye cunt..

by Cletus J McGiver December 18, 2007
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Kings of choueifat's 2017 graduating class. Absolute ledges who scream esh everywhere they go.

normal person: hey there
eshlad: 1 .. 2 .. 3 ..
eshlads: ESHHHHHH
if you're not an eshlad, you're a wanker
by Just an Eshlad August 30, 2016
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A lad who is esh, really cool and lots of good swag not some poof. Wears a bumbag, nike dry fit cap and usually appears in yellow and pink polos with a shank.
hey bruh did you just steal a fucking car?

Yeh cunt I'm such an eshlad.
by xXSwaglord6969Xx October 27, 2014
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