Taiwanese, named by netizens after 1450 Army who spammed ungracious comments when they can't stand others criticizing DPP or Taiwan and couldn't win an argument over social platforms after the famous online flaming "Errrr".
A: Taiwan No. 1!
B: How about us, Singapore?
A: Singapore is just a booger-sized country.
B: Eww, Errrrese is here again.
by Pure_Taiwanese April 20, 2020
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Another name of Taiwanese. (From interjection "Errrr...", HO Ching, First Lady of Singapore, talked about the masks contributed by Taiwan on Facebook)
Taiwanese: Chinese is nmslese! Don' t trust ccp!
Chinese: Yeah... Taiwan is Numb errrr... 1! Errrrese are the best!
by Cyotsiwamisminish April 16, 2020
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