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Way out in the middle of nowhere. Chill place to live, has one Store that sells everything you need at terrible prices. There is a large hippie population that help keep Errington permanently hot boxed.
Errington Kid: Lets spark a J.
Random Person: Were in the middle of the street, are you crazy.
Errington Kid: Dude, It's Errington.
by Anthony Carlyle December 30, 2006
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This place way the fuck out in the boonies. I think they have one gas stations which is over-priced by alot, and half the stuff they sell is beer. Anyways, so, yeah, it's really poor there, and if your really quiet, you can hear them banjos playing in the background.
'Damn, I hear banjos, man! We must be in errington! Lets get outta here before the hillbillies get us!'
by atlantia_rai September 28, 2006
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