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Can be pronounced with two "d"s (e.g., errand date) or one “d” (e.g. errandate).

Noun. A romantic outing involving two people where one or both of the participants’ central or peripheral motivation is the search for and/or purchase of goods. Due to time constraints, the drudgery or enjoyment of shopping for household items and groceries, and/or the desire to make cooperative purchases, this type of outing is often undertaken by couples after a committed relationship is established. However, just as errands can be mistaken for a leisure activity (see definition of “errand”), the errand date can be mistaken by the person in search of goods as an enjoyable activity for their companion. Suggesting or partaking in this type of date prior to the establishment of a relationship (i.e., during the courtship stage) is tacky, selfish, and a strong clue that the person in search of goods is not able or willing to set aside time centered around getting to know a romantic partner.
For our first date, this guy asked me if I wanted to go to IKEA with him. An errand date for a first date? I think not.
by water_woman April 02, 2008
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