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Erikka is the best. She is easily defined as a hustler or 'playa'. People try to measure up but they fail miserably.
Erikka, you're so cool.
by owqkjh September 02, 2008
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One of a kind. Belongs to only one person. Erikka is the best thing to ever happen to a specific person's life. Without Erikka, that person wouldn't know what to do. Erikka is someone who is loved so damn much. She is the best.
I'm so blessed to have Erikka in my life.
I love you, Erikka!
I'm sorry Erikka, I love you so damn much!
by Mushroom Yum July 07, 2017
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A beautiful independent women who doesn't need a man. She enjoys doing things that call to her. Smart and stunning as most would say. She loves her friends but most importantly stays true to herself.
person #1 oh my god i want to be exactly like Erikka when i grow up
person #2 yeah shes smoking hot and she is classy! everything i desire to be.
by hotty McBody October 06, 2017
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