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Dont be an Eric Rigsby and hack the mainframe of the FBI...that will get you shot.
by Eric Rigsby July 30, 2018
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Socially awkward recluse, who spends most of his time Gaming. His diet usually consists of: dark chocolate, honey roasted peanut butter, coffee, chocolate chip cookies, honey bunches of oats, canned tuna, and canned peas. His purpose in life is in an attempt to do as little damage to others as possible, by means of: staying out of public, not keeping in touch with friends, pretending that he dosent exist. He does as little as possible to survive. He believes that if he tries to do anything that he will only create more problems and exert his own energy for no benefit. So he sticks to the same small routines. Keeps his wardrobe to three days worth, and survives just to spite all of those that he despises. Do not approach the Rigsby, because he is unprepared for human interaction. At the most hand him a cigarette or a dollar as a sign of good faith and keep it moving.
Oh dont worry, thats just Eric Rigsby, (waves) okay! Eric....
by Eric Rigsby May 04, 2019
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