The first of a series. (So-named due to the fact that 'Star Wars - Episode 4' was the first of the series.)
Waiter: Sir, what would you like for your Episode 4?
Sir: For the appetizer, we'll have the spinach and artichoke dip. Thanks.
Jimmy: Gretchen, mom says Episode 4 has to watch me and baby tonight.
Gretchen: Damn, why does she always need me to baby-sit you guys?
Jimmy: Curse of being born first, I guess. So sorry. (smiles)
by ChuckChaser69 May 11, 2009
the greatest video game of all time. its story, characters and music is unforgettable. comparing this game to another masterpiece, for example Knack 2, would be like comparing a Whale to a Rat. there is nothing that comes close to this level of masterpiece. thinking of an even greater game than this masterpiece is a death sentence in most countries. it isn't available anywhere now because Telltale "Went Bankrupt" but if you ask me, that's just a cover up story, they actually want people to forget about this masterpiece ever existing
Robert: Hey dude what are you playing?
Gilbert: Oh, i'm playing Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Episode 4: Below the Bedrock
Robert: the gods has made you one of them. use your power wisely, young one
by the god of MC:SMS2E4:BTB July 25, 2020