Eor is a abbreviation for End of relationship that you didn’t want to end basically it was good and you didn’t want to end it but had to
Yeah, I just got a Eor Im never going to date someone again they were my everything.
by Shreky269 October 30, 2020
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Geekspeak for EndOfRant, like EOL (EndOfLine) or EOF (EndOfFile). Usually enclosed in square brackets.
If it wasn't for this overfed, dumbed-down, TV-addled, NASCAR nation of dittoheads sending them there, Washington wouldn't be run by a bunch of corrupt halfwits whose pockets are lined by the spiders and snakes of the multinationals!!! EOR
by blastoff September 1, 2006
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Hoprd Eor is an acceptable slang for the N word.

It's OK for white people to say it.

Encouraged use in public areas/school districts.
"Whats up my Hoprd Eor!"
"You stupid Hoprd Eor!"
"Look up Hoprd Eor on Urban Dictionary."
"What does Hoprd Eor mean?"
"Hoprd Eor."
"hoprd eor"
by OwI April 11, 2019
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To make a mistake in a hilarious way or something attempted to be scary but is funny
eorred - past tense
will eor - future tense
definition 1: What a eor!
definition 2: That movie eorred!
by May 3, 2023
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