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Is a nice girl, anyone would je glad to have an enva in their life, she’s heartless asf sometimes tho but in the end she is a nice person that doesn’t mean she won’t roast the fuck out of you until you almost dead and you can’t even stand up. Basically heartless but whit some love
Hey is that enva? I heard she’s gonna roast the fuck out of sam
by Takashe69 March 08, 2018
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An albanian who plays and pretends to be smart, when really she is just an albanian who laughs at the dumbest things including this becuase she is dumb and not smart and will forever be a lonely nigger virgin
Omg look at enva... such a faggot

OMG you are so right who would want to be friends with her
I hope she stays a virgin forever
by TheRealOfTheReal May 09, 2018
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