coming from with in
by Anonymous October 8, 2003
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barse enthus are singapore bus fans who made love with a bus rear
Marvin has become a barse enthu after making love with SBS9889U rear
by Singapore Buses May 11, 2020
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i am so enthu-less after meeting my boss
by ring27 February 17, 2009
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A South Indian narcissist, who loves eating long dosas with two big idlis attached to them and a squirt of white chutney on the top. He is supriya's little enthu cutlet and is so enthusiastic in bed with her that he eats her pussy like its a cutlet hence his name. He likes kids and loves tea bagging rotting corpses of rats with down syndrome and is the definition of a playboy.
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Defined as a group of Singapore right wing bus fans of Singapore Buses Facebook Page affiliated with racism and violence
Kaiser is a barse enthu who loves to keep targeting them...
by Singapore Buses June 17, 2020
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