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Enmanuel is you're typical lazy cuban who enjoys skateboarding, rocking out on his guitar, and hanging with his buddies. He's a pretty good looking guy, though most people would either describe guys as super hot or butt-ugly. He likes the good kind of rock and not the crappy rock people usually listen to nowadays. He always seems to look bored, but that's just how his face looks. He doesn't talk much in big groups butt once you get him started on playing around, he doesn't stop and often dry humps his guy friends as a joke. His friends find him hilarious and fun to hang with. He's the type of guy you'd never get tired of. If you ever meet a guy like him, it would be wise not to let him escape.
Person 1: "Hey man your a pretty cool guy, what's your name?"

Enmanuel: "Enmanuel. What's your na-"

*Person 1 pulls out a giant net and captures Enmanuel*

Enmanuel: "Wait! Where are you taking me?"

Person 1: "HAHAHA! Your mine now!"
by random1010101 July 13, 2009
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