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Enough of this bullshit irony.

In Euro 2004, the only person Sol Campbell fouled to score his perfectly legitimate winning goal against Portugual (which was subsequently disallowed) was *his own team-mate* - i.e. John Terry.

Urs Meier the referee deserved everything he got after that.
The so-called "England Header Rule" is a cynical attempt to deny the achievements of our Football team.
by Dr Pinch July 20, 2006
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A rarely exercised rule in football where it doesn't matter if a player is committing common assault on the goalkeeper (which is known in the rulebook as a "foul"), the headed goal is legitimate because an England player scored from it - because, as we all know, England deserve to win every match they'r ein because they'r ebetter than everyone. Any referee that doesn't know this is obviously a complete idiot that cannot do his job properly, and therefore deserving of death threats.
Sol Campbell vs Argentina, 1998.
Sol Campbell vs Portugal, 2004.
by OD Smith March 22, 2005
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