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A combination of the Words English and Lad.

The term 'Lad' is a word to describe a typical kind of guy doing typical guy things.

Englad is an extention of that meaning a English lad acting like a stereotypical English guy.

Having a few pints, a bit of banter & a cheeky Nandos to name a few examples of Englad activities!

Some examples of it's usage:
Example 1:

Charlie: Alright Matt Mate, have you met my pal Dave?

Matt: Ohh yeah bruv! I met him down the pub the other day he's a proper Englad ain't he!?

Steve: Yeah Mate! Loves a bit of banter the old Dave!

Example 2:

Dave: Ey John, fancy goin' Ibiza with the Englads next month???

John: Some time away with the boys!? Sounds bloody mental mate! I'll call up the Englads and we can discuss more over a cheeky nandos!

Dave : Nice one Geez, Get in!
by SunaCreations June 21, 2018
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