Endwell is a community or populated place located in Broome County at latitude 42.113 and longitude -76.021. The elevation is 846 feet. Broome County is in the Eastern time zone (GMT -5).

Endwell had a population of 11,706 with 5,414 housing units; a land area land area of 3.68 sq. miles; a water area of 0.06 sq. miles; and a population density of 3,179.42 people per sq. mile for Census 2000.
by .1,1 January 18, 2009
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A small town full of spoiled white kids. The old folk in Endwell tend to be racists, hompphobes, and for some reason pretty wealthy. Most of the parents to children in Endwell are Karens. The town itself is bland. There is nothing to do. Shit people, shit environment.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "Oh, I'm from Endwell!"
Person 1: "Ah... so you're one of those people..."
by PhatCondominium October 29, 2021
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a school district full of scum bags and jerks that hate on everyone and everything. i feel bad for anyone unfortunate enough to be forced to attend everyday, like me. god, i hate my life.
"where do you go to school?"
"wow, i'm sorry"
"for real, bout to go kill myself"
"i don't blame you"
by ________ew January 3, 2012
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A school district full of thots,hoes, jerks and douches. I feel bad for the people that have to attend the Maine Endwell district like me. I'm finna kill myself almost.
"Yo homie what school district you go to?"
"Maine Endwell"

"Oh wow, I feel sorry homie"
"Yeah I'm finna kill myself"
"I dont blame ya"
by Fml____6 February 10, 2020
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Imagine a great group of people in one building, then add Mr.Cordi and it turns to hell
Other kids: Hey, what school do u go to?

M-E kids: I go to Maine-Endwell High School.

Other kids: What's it like?

M-E kids: well... it's great in all don't get me wrong everyone is nice, but my teacher Mr.Cordi is a asshole
by Funny101.7 November 13, 2019
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A shitty hole of hell, run by an okay principle and an absolute cunt of a vice principal. The superintendent is a fucking idiot. The food is shit. Most of the teachers are shit (aka Castro, Both, Meilunus, ect)(few are decent). Maine Endwell middle school is filled with mainly Stoners, rich douche bags, and a few semi normal kids. Maine Endwell middle school also has sports kids that get ragging irrections watching / playing anything in gym (this of course not including the BAISIC white girls and furrys that overpopulate this melting pot of fuck from the bowels of hell). So to sum it up if your looking to punish your child for committing an extremely hanus crime, send them to Maine Endwell middle school where they can stare acne covered pre pubescent fucks in the face all day whilst being yelled at by teachers.
“Hey, do you go to Maine Endwell middle school, where that one kid ended up in the mental hospital because of the Spanish teacher?”

“Yeah, I do, that place is a shit hole”
by Angry_student_69 April 12, 2022
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A shitty school but somehow the best in the area. The principal is a douche and the vice principal looks like big bird. The students are the worst, the pretty ones are bitches, the ugly ones think they’re the shit. There’s furrys, nic fiends, and there’s only a few okay people.
“Hey don’t you go to Maine-Endwell Middle School/MEMS?”
“Didnt the 7th grade math teacher have a relationship with one of his students?”
by Fml____6 April 11, 2023
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