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A mixture of both Punk and Emo genres. Emunk is generally more accepted in fashion, as bands tend to create their own style and shouldn't be subject to stereotypical remark.
Z: GOSH! Your style is awesome!
C: Its Emunk! Do you like it?
Z: HECK YES! I love it!
by Amnesia November 09, 2006
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An Emunk is a combination of both the fashion and music style Punk and Emo. They wear skinny jeans, zip-up hoodies with many bands ranging back to old school Punk to Hawthorne Heights. Boys often have long spikes dyed neon colours (red, green, blue) and girls often have spikes at the back and long bangs at the front also dyed neon colours (red, green, blue and pink). They dress in what could be declared as random clothes, wearing pink skinny ties and jeans with bright zip-up hoodies with cartoon's on them.

Hair: Medium length, spikey at back, long bangs, dyed pink
Clothes: Black skinny jeans, bright blue zip-up hoody, black shirt, pink tie, pink shoes, pink studded belt
Attitude: Wear what they want, how they want when they want!
by Lia (UK) November 18, 2007
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Emo punk. Bands and people subjecting themselves to this waste of a genre and style.
Emunk bands: Yellowcard, Thrice.
Use: U friggen emunk.. these guys are totally emunkafyed!
by useful idiot December 29, 2004
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A person who broods over the state of his/her life, but does so in an excessively angry or enraged fashion; a combination of the words emo and punk.
Person 1: "I lost the love of my life! She was my everything, my one true love and soulmate, and because of what happened to her I no longer belive in love! So don't bother trying to get with me, you little young bitches get a life and don't waste your time messaging me 'cause I ain't gonna respond to your little asses! If you don't like it get the freak outta here now!!"

Person 2: "Jeez, what an emunk!"
by Robb Nunya January 23, 2008
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