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Usually used in regards a woman. after you get past all the glamor and glitz, there is nothing worth staying for.
Man: thought you liked her
Man 2: no turned out to be an empty dress
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a girl/woman who lies and tells people her family runs a crime family lookups mafioso in prison to write hoping to pull one in is on every mafia website watches every mafia movie but you know she is lying because she cant even keep her lies straight she also uses her lies to get respect
girl1:what does your family do again
emptydress: my dad is a mafia don when he died i took over
girl2:youre lying you told me your dad was a solider
emptydress:i meant to say don look our family up on the net
girl2:already did nothing comes up youre just a empty dress
by kesha westbrook March 03, 2007
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