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The feeling of guilt for the lack of empathy towards a certain situation or a certain person whenever the situation requires a person to feel bad for the circumstance.

The best way to describe this feeling is, feeling bad for not feeling bad. This emotion has two main emotions attached to it that cause the person to feel Empadia, Acedia or Apathy and Empathy.

Empadia can easily become empathy, however the feeling of apathy before feeling any empathy can cause a person to feel conflicted and apologetic because of the lack of emotion in a situation that calls for it. Apathy plays a key role in this feeling because in order to feel empadia one has to not care or feel nothing towards the situation. Once a person has recognized they feel nothing, they begin to feel bad for not feeling bad and thus can be described as feeling the emotion Empadia.
Widespread empadia among the attendees at the funeral.
by J. Bon Bon October 03, 2017
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