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Emotional + Analyze = Emotionalyze

Created by Ayan Mukherjee who is the author of the blog - The Emotionalyst. To emotionalyze is to feel the emotions behind an experience and then to be able to objectively analyze the feelings, without rejecting, minimizing or rationalizing them away.

It is about giving equal importance to the information being processed through our innate, power of intuition and through our analytical mind, without rejecting either one of them.

Noun - Emotionalyst - one who emotionalyzes.

An Emotionalyst is at the point of balance between a dry, rationalizing intellectual and a person who is drowning in her emotions and cannot rationalize to save her life.
As David emotionalyzed the concept of "conscious relating", bringing in his own feelings about love and relationships, it started to make sense to him and it pushed him headlong into a great ah-ha moment that would change his life.
by the_emotionalyst May 15, 2014
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