When someone talks big game (sexually) but can't back it up in person.
Jenny is a emotional catfish, she's been dirty to me and now she's scared.
by Riddle boi May 11, 2020
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when a fuckboy establishes a connection with you to lure you in and then proceeds to expose their true fuckboy tendencies
I hate emotional catfishing I thought we had something for sure. turns out he just wanted to fuck me
by anniesnotokay512 July 25, 2019
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using storys or tramatic events to influence someones sympathy for you so they feel sorry and arnt able to bring up hard to talk about topics because there "life" trama makes it where you dont want to add stress.
emotional catfishing; (internet relationships))) that claim these terrible things happened to them but mostly they probably didn't and they just want there pity, and the other person believes them because they got the short end of the stick and actually have genuine feelings for the lier and would rather believe them than except that they lied
by xxflashtime July 16, 2014
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