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An emotion controller is somebody who judges and makes decisions about the eligibility of others' emotions and feeling states. An emotion controller grew up and still lives in a world of emotional dictatorship. Emotion controllers feel entitled to tell others explicitly and directly that their emotions and feelings are wrong, which is basically every time somebody speaks about how they are feelings. Emotion controllers prefer to judge and criticize harshly others' emotions with minimal background information. Emotion controllers do not communicate using compassion and empathy. They believe that others' emotions and needs are not important, and all decision based on emotions are wrong.
Sue: "I am really upset that Peter broke our engagement and called off the wedding because Betty has bigger tits and gives better head. I am 8 months pregnant with Peter's baby and I cried all night!"
Simone: "You are totally oversensitive. You have also invested way too much emotionally into the relationship with Peter. People break up engagements and call of weddings all the time."
Sue: "You have no compassion you heartless bitch. You are such an emotion controller."

Betty: "How are you? Have not seen you for a long while. How is life?"
Moni: "I am good, thanks. I broke off with my boyfriend because he spoke about his ex all the time. I am totally pissed off that he was obsessed with his ex. I feel so much better now that I am not with him anymore, and gave myself the chance to meet somebody who can appreciate and love me."
Betty: "It is okay if he talked about his ex all the time. It is not a reason to split up a relationship. You made a big mistake there."
Moni:"You are an emotion controller. You make me feel that my emotions and needs are not important."
by Peppina August 31, 2014
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