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A stereotypical hyper emo.

black hair over one eye, all black clothes, shredded wrists, the lot.

Person 1: dude, check out the emo

person 2: yeah, look at his wrists, what an emo-supremo
by Rockstar-fucking-juiced April 16, 2009
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How my long distance girlfriend acts when I want to sign out and go to bed but she doesnt want me to get off.
Me: *yawn* I ish tired!

Her: Fuck! No way! *gets all sad so that I decide to stay on*

Me: O.O uhh...... Well fine. Ill st-

Her: Oh no!!! *dramatic pose* Just go! Go to bed! i have... emo depressing things to do! Just go to bed!

Me: im not going so quit being an emo supremo! and I bet youll be real pissed when you see this on Urban Dictionary! ;p I still love ya though. Hey infact..... HEY URBAN DICTIONARY! I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! HA! ....

Her: >:( What the hell are you talking about?
by TheTigerWhoEatsGrass January 07, 2011
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