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A beautiful, special best friend. She has perfect reddish brunette hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She's absolutely crazy.. insane, and just plan weird and creepy..
but at the same time you can find her writing a poem or with her head shoveled into a book.
She always fails to realize how great she really is. There's something about her that makes people stop and stare.
She has stage presence, and a soft singing voice.
She'll shovel down cheese sandwiches by the dozens.. but it doesn't show!
You'l her so much now that shes gone... but then again, you're not the only one. Love you Emma.
guy 1- I'll miss Emma Watts, she's so crazy artistic and out there.. but held back at the same time. What a beauty.
me- I know, I'm happy to call her my best friend.
by Nyc123 October 15, 2012
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