A smart, caring, bold girl, who will always defend her friends. She has beautiful hair and bright blue eyes. Her smile lights up a whole room, and makes everyone laugh. Loves to play sports and anything competitive. She never backs out of a challenge, and always has your back. She'll talk to almost everyone, and 97% of her day is making others happy. No one sees how bright she really is. Doesn't fall in love easily, and boys like her.. They're just to afraid to say so... Even if she did like them she doesn't come out and say it, she typically denies it which makes the guy move on..
Emilyn is a great friend who won't let you down when it gets hard!
Guy1: Do you like her? I see u blushin'.
Guy2: yah, she's such an Emilyn.
by ___thatgal___ May 24, 2017
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