A female with "apple bottoms", "Getto booty", or has "junk in the trunk"
-Dude she has an Emily Ass.
by SG&MM July 10, 2004
the largest ass to ever appear in history, excess junk in the trunk, the product of too much gymnastics and ice cream, ghetto booty
by chantelle May 7, 2005
Dude, I totally know what your talking about Emily W. does have a nice ass.
Brad and Matt were like dude Ette, you need to hit that shit if your not I'm gonna.
by ippy October 21, 2004
emily:geez i wish that boy would grab some initiative

blair: emily ur ass is not intitative
emily:well he grabs it anyway

boyfriend: did u know that emily's ass is not initiative?
girlfriends best friend: omg she really has her work cut out with u doesn't she? **gives exasperated look**
by gesbian September 9, 2010