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A powerful creature who roams the ocean floor in FF7.

So how tough is Emerald WEAPON? It's basic attack does about 7,000 points of damage (3,500 with MBarrier) and causes DeBarrier so it can immediately knock out a character. Once its smaller lasers open, it can hit the party with 8 consectutive attacks. The yellow lasers drain 300-500 MP and the blue lasers drain 1,500-3,000 HP with each hit. To make matters worse, it can also hit the team with its super weapon (Aire Tam Storm. Does 1,111 points of damage for every Materia you have) that can do up to 9,999 points of damage to each character. (Tip: If you don't use any magic, except for healing, Emerald won't do this attack.) As far as HP goes, this creature has about 1,200,000 and you've only got 20 minutes to destroy it or it's game over.
I beat Emerald in just 12 minutes without using KOTR.
by Master Tonberry December 08, 2004
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