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A Cornish girl's name meaning "elm".

A quiet, shy girl that likes to make everyone happy. She loves nature and spends much of her time tending to her flower garden. She has some musical talent, but it's not her main focus. She has light brown hair and large, innocent, green eyes. She is extremely slow to anger- she's very good at seeing situations from multiple perspectives- but on the rare occasion when she raises her voice, people immediately back down. She is also extremely modest, both in clothing and when receiving compliments. Elowen is a petite girl and as a result, people see her as being extremely cute, rather than beautiful or sexy. She makes this up by being extremely loyal and light-hearted. She usually wears a small, delicate smile on her face.
That Elowen has such a green thumb.

She's too modest to take a compliment, just like an Elowen.

She must be an Elowen judging from her pure and delicate personality.
by TrinityJade June 08, 2013
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