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A name typically given to girls. Ellisas are usually shy, soft spoken and naturally kind, but if messed with can have a raging temper. Very introverted. Intimidating. If you get on Ellisa's bad side prepare to get throat punched. They love the outdoors and find serenity in nature. Be patient with an Ellisa, they are amazing people but you have to get to know them for who they really are.
Ellisa is so sweet, I wish I could be as nice as her!

Dude that Ellisa scares me. I would ask her out but I'm afraid she'll kick me in the balls.
by fish are friends not food August 28, 2016
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The most dynamic person on the Earth. She can walk in your shoes because she is the most compassionate person you will ever meet. If she can't paint a picture for you she will use words to create the same image. A walking contradiction, she can never be predictable, unless it comes down to shaken or stirred.
Give me an Ellisa on the rocks, please, with a twist of sarcastic optimism.
by Seeega' October 25, 2017
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Ellisa is pretty girl. She loves gossip! She is good friend, and always has a shoulder for you to cry on. Ellisa is kind and is good with guys. She is funny too!
Girl: omg! My bf broke up with me!
Ellisa: omg! Come to my house rn! I'll order pizza and I already have the ice cream. I knew he wasn't good enough for you!
by #friends May 01, 2018
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