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An incredible singer-songwriter from Portland, The White City, who inspired a reign of waves of both obscure and popular musicians from the 90's until now. Currently, many lonely boys are connecting with his music because of some of the central themes of unrequited love in songs such as Pitseleh. He is also well known for his lovely and intricate guitar work, which is much more complex than it sounds. His songwriting and musical skills are near unmatched, especially in songs such as Junk Bond Trader, both for lyrics and melody. It is always easy to understand the meaning and purpose of his songs, even when you don't understand what it is referring to or the subject matter. They are just easy to relate to. Unfortunately, his depression led to his suicide as a reminder that something so overwhelmingly good, positive, and beautiful such as him could not have lasted much longer.
Elliott Smith is beautiful.
by soberhouse June 17, 2008
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an amazing person, and an amazing singer/songwriter
The King's crossing was the main attraction
Dominoes falling in a chain reaction
The scraping subject ruled by fear told me
Whiskey works better than beer
The judge is on vinyl, decisions aren't final
And nobody gets a reprieve
And every wave is tidal
If you hang around you're going to get wet
I can't prepare for death any more than I already have
All you can do now is watch the shells
The game looks easy, that's why it sells

Frustrated fireworks inside your head
Are going to stand and deliver dark instead
The method acting that pays my bills
Keeps the fat man feeding in Beverly Hills
I got a heavy metal mouth, it hurls obscenity
And I get my check from the trash treasury
Because I took my own insides out

It don't matter cause I have no sex life
And all I wanna do now is inject my ex wife
I've seen the movie
And I know what happens
It's Christmas time
And the needle's on the tree
A skinny Santa is bringing something to me
His voice is overwhelming
But his speech is slurred
And I only understand every other word

Open your parachute and grab your gun
Float down like an omen, a setting sun
Read the part and return at five
It's a hell of a role if you can keep it alive
But I don't care if I fuck up
I'm going on a date
With a rich white lady
Ain't life great?
Gi'me one good reason not to do it
(Because We love you)
So do it.

This is the place where time reverses
And dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
Instruments shine on a silver tray
Don't let me get carried away
by, Elliott Smith
by maryb December 11, 2006
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Born August 6, 1969, a talented singer-songwriter with roots in Portland, Oregon. Smith's career peaked in the late 90s, particularly with his Oscar nomination for the song "Miss Misery", featured in the film Good Will Hunting. His music is known to be somewhat depressing, often reflecting Smith's depression, alcohol and drug addiction, as well as abuse (and possible molestation) as a child. His work has influence countless numbers of artists and continues to do so today, his most popular songs being "Waltz, No. 2", "Memory Lane", "Miss Misery", "Angeles", "Between the Bars", and "Son of Sam". He was known for singing (and speaking) in a quiet, toned-down voice, and often underestimated the beauty and quality of his own work, saying once, "I'm not sure my songs would make good singles. Aren't you supposed to have drums and stuff?"

He released 5 albums in his lifetime, as well one posthumous record, From a Basement on the Hill, which was not fully complete at the time of his death in 2003. All of his work was released to much critical acclaim, particularly the albums Figure 8 and Either/Or.

On October 21, 2003 Elliott was pronounced dead due to a knife wound through his chest. He spent much of his life battling substance abuse and depression, which led many to believe the wound was self-inflicted. A note was left, as well, but due to what could be seen as defense wounds, his death was never officially declared a suicide. His girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba, was present at the time of his death, as the two were in the midst of an arguement. She stated that she ran into the bathrom and locked the door when she heard a scream. When she came out, Elliott was standing with the knife in his chest, which Chiba claims she pulled out. However police have considered that she may have been more involved in his death than she has stated. The investigation is ongoing, even though practically no new evidence has come to light since 2003.


Roman Candle (July 14, 1994)
Elliott Smith (July 21, 1995)
Either/Or (February 25, 1997)
XO (August 25, 1998)
Figure 8 (April 18, 2000)
From a Basement on the Hill (October 19, 2004)
Elliott Smith was an immensely gifted artist.
by cara Lane September 30, 2006
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The correct spelling of the deceased singer/songwriter. Often incorrectly spelled Elliot Smith.
There's two T's in the name Elliott Smith, idiot.
by likeyehokwhatev September 02, 2005
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Folk-rock singer who was considered one of the best songwriters of his generation. He was best known for his songs from the film "Good Will Hunting" and songs that focused on drug addiction, failed relationships, self-loathing, suicide etc. His music was very sad, indeed.

He started out as an indie singer in Portland, but gained more recognition when Gus Van Sant decided to use some of his songs from his 1997 album called "Either/Or" (which is probably his best album). Smith also wrote a song for the movie called "Miss Misery," which earned him an Academy Award nomination. Unfortunately, he lost to Celine Dion (It was the "Titanic" year).

Sadly, Smith took his own life in Fall of 2003 by plunging a knife to his heart. He was 34.

Smith has done 6 albums; "Roman Candle," self-titled album "Elliott Smith," "Either/Or," "XO," "Figure 8" and a posthumous release called "From a Basement on a Hill."
Elliott Smith is an amazing talent and voice.
by Aliceson March 21, 2006
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(n) popular singer of the late 90's, early 00's. now deceased from an apparent suicide. Music featured in the popular film "Good Will Hunting".
Did you know that Elliott Smith released the recent album "from a basement on a hill"?
by Jordan Nguyen October 07, 2005
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