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A suburb that has litrally been placed into no where. Only accessed by a long, curvy road it is surrounded by dense bush and pine trees. A paradise within itself which is totally rejected from society.
"Where you from bro?"
"Ellenbrook mate."
"Where =|?"
by Civilian101 August 07, 2008
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1) A place where it was felt that it was ok to put all the worst of the worst from government housing all over perth and try and mix them with regular people.
2) Another word for the most inbred development in Perth.
3) Where you do not want to be.
4) Home of the old 'EBT' - Bunch of 12 year olds running around with markers and their dad's spraypaint.
5) Very impressive way to pick up chicks.
"Hey how you doing gorgeous?"
- "Mmm not bad, where are you from?"
- " :| "
- "...."
by KingLordShizofEllenbrook January 22, 2009
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