So cool, like wtf??
person1: wow did you see ELIYAHU?!?
person2: yes! i have seen(!) eliyahu! he is very very strong and also alpha you can see his massive dick inprint through his grey joggers! yes!!
by UwUEliyahu's spouse July 9, 2021
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A exotic name for that dude in the Torah aka the "old testamemt" known for going around and talking about g-d.
ELIYAHU HANAVIIIII!!! ELIYAHU HANISHVIIIIIII!!! Eliyahu! Eliyahu! And other parts of the song I song horribllllle

Eh. Why does my name have to be Elliot. Eliyahu is easy better! So exotic and Jewy!
by DethKnot March 20, 2017
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Every girls favorite name. He can be extremely mean but if you listen to him then you will love him.
Eliyahu loves his name.
by Moshiachbu May 19, 2020
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A pompous arse of a man who cannot admit that he is wrong and will fight till the death even if the other side wants to make peace
I met my Arch-nemesis today, you know my old business partner ? He is such an Eliyahu
by Little engine that could September 24, 2013
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Eliyahu Suiko is someone depressed that loves their phone, is anti social, and mentally ill, with almost no friends at all.
Eliyahu Suiko said amogus twerking baddie!
by sussyamongusbakabaddie August 23, 2022
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