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The boy name Eliyah is a hebrew derivative of Elijah. It means God, or strong with God.
Eliyah was a strong upright man that lead by example.
by proclaimFreedom July 23, 2014
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One of the prettiest girls you will ever meet.

She is really special since she's different from other girls- she's smart, kind, beautiful, funny and thoughtful.

Her sense of humor is a little bit off-beat but once you get to know it, it's hilarious.

She gets along with most people but if she gets into an argument with someone she will defend her position and win the argument.
She's shy and reserved but when you spend enough time with her she opens up to be a funny, supportive and all around great friend.
Getting guys, she has no problem but she's not even close to a whore. She usually has a boyfriend but hasn't had many serious relationships.
People just love her. :)
Wow, look at Eliyah. She's so amazing. I want her.
by your momma :) October 02, 2011
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