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Means God's light
Can also be spelled Elora, Alura.
Sometimes goes by Elly.

She is Beautiful, Petite & brilliant.
She laughs all the time and is always smiling. She has a sensitive spirit and is easily hurt. Eliora likes to be in the center of attention unless you have her distracted with something like a Video game or books.

She loves to read & play games. She tends to try and emulate her favorite characters. She tends to be a bit of a geek/nerd.
She is OCD & ADHD wrapped up into one.

Although she is very brilliant, common sense does not come naturally.
She loves to talk, and has few real friends.

She loves to hug everyone.
She thinks everyone should have a second chance.
Me: Are you ready to Bungee jump?
Eliora: "Hold on, my cord is only 29ft. Can I get the one that is an even 30ft?"
by Anna Sims November 21, 2013
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A person that is a human that can be nice. She is a voodo witch. And will curse you if you screw her over. But can be nice. She will create a voodo doll if she doesn't like you.
"Eliora is scaring me sometimes. "
by therealbenshady February 12, 2018
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