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Is a great warrior that takes on the biggest battles on his own. Who's willing to fight until his death. He's God's Help
Eliasar is a variant transcription of The biblical Name Eleazar.
by 10XGodsHelp April 28, 2020
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Is a sweet and loving person. At times he will face some tough times but will always get through them. He is a ladies man and will always try to understand them as well as possible, trying to comfort them. Anyone around him could agree that he is very comforting and fun to be around him. His partner would be very lucky to have him as he is always trying to be the best of himself. He can be VERY good in bed too whenever it is needed.
Friend 1: Wow that boy is so comforting to be around.

Friend 2: Of course he is! His name is Eliasar after all.
by Zennnyes October 21, 2020
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