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1)Vicariously living through little people.

2)The feeling a full grown person gets through, humiliation. disapproval. or rejection.
Man i was up for promotion and steve got it, i told everybody about it, i feel small, like elf esteem.

Dude she told me i was hung like a field about elf esteem.
by Lenny Payne November 10, 2010
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The feeling of being overworked, underappreciated and like you don't exist to others during the holidays while in actuality the season's success depends on you.

The sense of being 3 feet small when others would view you in high stature if they realized all you do to make the holiday's happen.
I think Hermey is having some elf-esteem issues. He's pulling the stuffing out of all the teddy bears.
by youknowyadayada December 11, 2009
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Feeling under appreciated most of the time; being a three-foot-tall adult who makes toys for one day of the year. When someone says you have elf-esteem (unless you're already short) it's usually an insult, or they are calling you glum.
Katy looks like she woke up with elf-esteem. Look at her watching TV and taking apart her cell-phone.
by Elfish Elsie! November 01, 2012
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