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e⋅lection e⋅rec⋅tion ĭ-lěk'shən ĭ-rěk'shən
1. the general euphoria experienced when your candidate of choice wins by a landslide.
2. the sexual arousal and excitement caused by same.
"Dude, when I saw the final tally of votes on Nov. 4, I got a total election erection!"


"You may have a first-time voter boner, but when Obama won I got a total election erection."
by St. Bastard November 05, 2008
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A victory boner one recieves from over whelming joy as their prefered presidential candidate racks up the electoral votes and crushes the election
When my homeboy Trump crushed the electoral vote I got a major election erection! Go Republicans! Yeeeee haaaaaaw!
by spray_and_pray November 17, 2016
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