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The name Eila is a rare one indeed. It is so elusive, that at times even hardened scientists/adventurers find it difficult to pinpoint/identify the true meaning of Eila.

1. One branch of linguists believe Eila to be the very definition of magic. This branch of advocates has listed several synonyms for Eila, some being: Mystical, Phantom, Elusive, Intangible, Evanescent, etc.

2. A most extensive belief regarding the origin of the name Eila is related to the legend of the Magical Princess Hippopotomonstrosepedalia from the Mystical Island of Pneumonoultramicropicsicov. This princess was a great beauty, and wished for word of her attributes to travel beyond the borders of her kingdom. Sadly, it was impossible for anyone to pronounce or remember all the syllables of her name/homeland. When faced with this predicament, the princess chose to shorten her name to Isla- from the shortest part of her title; Island. Yet as time went on, folk forgot the origin of the name, and challenged the use of the silent "s". What's more, the princess was teased for being named after/mistaken for an island. It was decided by the princess that the offending letter would be dropped. But when faced with the abbreviated version, Ila, the magical princess realized three letters wasn't grand enough for her gorgeous being. Thus, an "e" was placed at the beginning of the name: making it one-of-a-kind and preventing anyone from ever mistaking the princess for an Island, or for anyone else ever again.
That Eila sure is hard to get.
I swear that Eila has magical skills!
by diction devotee January 20, 2011
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