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A small rustic village which is part of the Eijsden-Margraten community. And lies within Limburg(Netherlands, Europe).

Eijsden is mostly inhabited by cows, sheep, chicken and people who are named Piet or Toos. An other common name in Eijsden is Martijn, though these people won't come outside ver often due the fact they are practically koakin' the whole day, under command of there Hi-Chief Piet V.

The common transportation in Eijsden are tractors.

Untill 2005 Eijsden had 7180 inhabitants, the population was increased slighty in 2006 and 2007, but slighty dropped in 2008. The cause of this decrease may be causes by a group of comazuipers, terrorising most parts of Eijsden. From 2009 till early-2010, these 'comazuipers' were abandoned from Eijsden untill December 2010. At New Years Eve the comazuipers planned an reunion, celebrating there re-invite to Eijsden at a secret location.
"Hello, my name is Martijn. My parents are named Piet and Toos. And I'm from.. "

*interrupts* "Yeah, Eijsden. We figured"
by Bigbadjelly March 19, 2011
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