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Someone who is not particularly smart, but does well in school, Usually has long hair, well known and liked by most.
Eidan is also someone many people want to befriend
His other meanings also include:
King of the Gypsies
The XxXZzZBongHunterZzZXxX
Child: Hey, is that Eidan over there?
Child 2: Yeah i think it is!
Child: I think we should go over and talk to him! He's so cool!
Child 2: 10/10 would befriend
by BobTheGypsySlayer December 10, 2013
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Usally liked by most , very smart ,handsome, hot,sexy and a great friend, but he is a player that sometimes can't be trusted by alot of people but he still has his gnats he hangs out with
Girl:hey is that eidan over there ?
Girl#2:yea he is really cute I just know he is a player from all the other story's

Girl:true, I hear he is dating angelina tho and she can put up with him
by Eidans_gf January 19, 2018
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