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a.k.a.: "the geiz".

noun -
Someone who allocates vast quantities of resources, but accomplishes nothing. (i.e. starcraft )

Someone who TK's often, by use of frag 'nades.

Someone who is able to locate ANYTHING online.
"You hate working with the Geiz!"

ta|EhRGeiz PING:208 TK:78% 5/23 -8

AOMitri: sup geiz
EhRGeiZ X: eyyo AO!
AOMitri: i need a keygen for the DOS based 1988 game, Leisure Suit Larry. can u get it?
EhRGeiZ X: 1 sec
~~~2 minutes later~~~
EhRGeiZ X wishes to send file "LSL1_keygen.exe", do you accept?
by AOMitri October 13, 2004
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1) An old PS1 fighting game by Squaresoft.
2) An expression of exreme joy and happiness OR in a state of anger or confusion.
3) German for Ambition.
EHRGEIZ!!! I don't understand this math question!!!
by Breach The Right Wall !!! February 05, 2005
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