Feeling sleepy with no thoughts in mind, just silly little brain fluid
I’m so eepy
by PurpleParfait September 20, 2022
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Its when you are sleepy
Like tired
Especially in a cute way
by Moonwolf1987 August 20, 2022
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Eepy is a shortened and funny sounding version of the word "sleepy". It is commonly used in cat meme videos.
"Why is hem so eepy?"
by GOOBER LOVER June 6, 2023
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Noun or adjective

To describe a person or animal as tired or sleepy, but not so tired or sleepy that the person or animal might get upset or make a small fuss.

Can usually be described by oneself, pet, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse or child.

Closely related words/phrases are: pouty, sleepy, grumpy, being a lil’bear, Mr/Mrs Grumpy-pants, tuckered.
Oh look at him, he’s Eepy. Probably should put him to bed before he gets too fussy.
by Xersist July 6, 2023
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eepy is when you need to fall a eep 🌙🛌 I'm so eepy man I got to eep zzzzzzzz 💤

Eepy time is approximately eight o clock after my supper which consists of soupa d green herbs its very refreshing
"Zzzz im an eepy person" - one ☝️ eepy person
"Woah dude you really should eep now" - one ☝️ non eepy person
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an insult, referring to someone as an gross and creepy person-
go away! your eepy!
by mars meowzers February 19, 2023
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An adjective describing something cute specifically things like sleepy cats, similar to scrunkly, scrimblo, etc. Also used in an ironic fashion describing k-pop stars probably or full grown men like Jerma985.
and why he eepy 😂
by tttoooaaaddd August 9, 2022
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