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A group of thugs from a suburban area of New Jersey who go around making trouble in Hillsborough and Montgomery. They hail mostly from pike run and they go around being loud and annoying people and fighting. They are led by 2 or 3 guys who run the group which is a network spreads through their area. One of the leaders goes around fighting and threatening people and is known to beat people senseless. Another of the leaders is a shady individual who kind of falls in the back and has shady dealings. They have another leader who goes around being loud and doing stupid things. The center of their activity is pike run.
Kid- Mom mom Edz Klan is coming.
Mom- GO and hide in the basement
by ieatpizza393 December 07, 2013
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Another wannabe gang that formed in the area of suburban montgomery, nj, they are a bunch of high school students and they go around in montomery and hillsborough, nj causing trouble
kid: mom look, its edz klan
mom: stay away, theyre bad kids
by John Johnsonson March 07, 2013
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