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A word used to describe a intelligent and at the same time beautiful human being. Those type of people question their life a lot and hope to find answers for everything. The word itself originated from Lithuania where it means the same but most young people use it while talking in English.
My friend is Edvinas. He questions everything and he even got an incredible look.

I do not understand people which are Edvinas.
by The mathematical mind December 22, 2017
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Guy Called Edvinas is Usually Very Tall And Taller Than Rokas
(Rokas Is Guy Shorter Than 170cm)
Edvinas is Taller Anyways
by Memes=Life October 18, 2018
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Beautiful goddess that wins hearts,also known as the queen of hearts.Goes by the nickname V and has incredible sense of humor.Very social and has a big heart.An Edvina also has a great sarcasm and debates well.
you are so beautiful

you are such an Edvina
by vendetta123 February 23, 2010
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