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One of the greatest things ever to be borne to man, this god of a creature is considered to have a 5000 inch penis and is considered to be the best guitar player alive. This penis is used as a weapon in situations with orcs and dragons, and even valentina's boyfriend Mica. Whose a dick by the way. So anyway, this man is an Athlete, is smart, is big as shit, is musically talented. In other words, if you meet this man, you will understand the amazingness god bestowed on him.
Man 1:"Dude, i just failed this math test, and i tried playing at the gig last night, but i sucked"
Man 2:"Dude, your not Edun, chill out bro."

super hot sexy female 1:"Hi edun"
Edun:"I am amazing. My penis is over 5000 inchs long."

Ms.martinelli:"Oh Edun, you voice is so deep! And you carry around a big stick!"
Edun:"I am amazing"

by raven12345678910 February 09, 2008
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