Stupid Libtards that are salty because Trump became president of United States.
Editors of Urban Dictionary are cancer. They probably won't accept this because they are salty cunts that live in their mom's basement.
by Blikk1 March 21, 2017
Idiots that never accept something because they are big headed fucktards.
Im going to post that on Urban Dictionary! No, dont bother mate, the Editors Of Urban Dictionary are retarded!
by LovingEverySecond June 27, 2010
Bitches that have acceptance rate worse than harvard
Jimmy: *crying like a little bitch*
Karen: why are you crying, Jimmy?
Jimmy: I got rejected...*sniff*
Karen: but I thought you got accepted in harvard
Jimmy: no, you bitch I meant by editors of urban dictionary
by I AM SARCASM January 4, 2021
I submitted a genius entry, but the editors of urban dictionary denied it.

My definition, was shot down by the editors of urban dictionary because the forgot they worked for a comedic website bot Merriam-Webster.
by IAST4Life April 17, 2013
A douchtardian race of liberals whose acceptance of content falls short of offending their swollen disposition.
I submitted a few definitions to the Editors of Urban Dictionary, and like the douchtards they are, they rejected a critical definition.
by Johannes Shultz April 18, 2018
A Volunteer Editor for Urban Dictionary: Hm.. know what would be smart? If we didn't accept the term Ur sistr a mistr. But we accept Happy Tapioca

Any other person: You are a dumbass
by The meme store May 11, 2018
People who take forever to accept or deny your definitions because they're so busy scratching their butts in their momma's basement. Either they take over a year to read and accept them or they won't read them at all and will forget their existence.
Editors of urban dictionary should get fired jk lol accept my definitions you bitches
by da_wick3d_boi96 September 4, 2018