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Often refered to an amazingly smart person, and cool. these people often have huge dicks and extreme thrusting power. some people think that he is a god.
Eddrick makes all the girls wet
Eddrick gots swag
by patrick12 January 25, 2012
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A person who has extremely bad breath .A person who smells very bad like shit. .A person who may have halitosis. A person who presents themselves as dirty or nasty .
Amber: wow that guy had really bad breath .
Rose: yeah he had Eddrick breath.

Amber: wow that guy smelled very bad.
Rose: yeah that guy smelled like an Eddrick.

Amber:wow that guy looked filthy like he hasn't tooken a shower in months:
Rose: yeah he looked all Eddrick and shit.
by September virgos October 03, 2016
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