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Edawg is a nickname for the OG Ethan. He is a man of many words and is often known for deep phrases. Such quotes include, "The best pants is no pants" and so on. Edawg is usually someone who is a baseball enthuasist. However, the noise caused by every dinger he hits is not even close to the loudness of his random moans. Rumour has it that Edawg's random moans cause even the most loyal women to turn on their husbands. Edawg's biggest weakness are Big Macs. Edawg can be manipulated to do anything if one of these are at stake. Moreover, he tends to jump off of large places without realizing the potential danger. All in all, Edawg is a great man at heart and a loyal/charming friend. Lastly, his star sign is often Capricorn which means his favourite day is Saturday and he is destined for greatness.
Person 1: I need someone to beat up Chad but no one will do it because he's a proffesional boxer and does Judo .
Person 2: Oh, just offer Edawg a Big Mac and Chad will be history.
3 Weeks Later
Person 1: Thanks, I listened to the advice man. Chad is still in intensive care in the hospital.
by Sheepherder37 August 01, 2018
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an E dawg is somone drives a roflcopter and shoots lolRockets at people with moles or ants on thier cheek , she likes alot of scran , carnt give E dawg enouf scran , when you do she goes crazy , if you mention guitares she will piddle , everywere , flood the music block (what block) . she runs around like a jamamgie and screams *i wov gwuitares* she is normally friends with a hippy . who has no knees , yes you heard me ,,, no knees
i saw E dawg today , she was licking some scran off a wall
by T dawg . muchin that scran April 24, 2009
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A blonde girl who looks as if she has downsyndrome. Also, attacts males due to her lack of common sense.
Man, E-dawg drooled all over me yesterday, but she sure is hot.
by Rabbit Yoda March 20, 2007
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